Lunch Menu

Cup of Soup (in house only) 4.99
Dry Ribs 10.99
Garlic Prawns with Rice Noodles 11.99
Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps 11.99
Calamari 12.99
Smoked Salmon on Wonton 13.99
Steamed Mussels: Spiced tomato white wine 15.99
Steamed Mussels: Curry Basil Lime 15.99
Add Bread Basket 0.79
Cajun Chicken Caesar 14.99
Prawn Scallop Goat Cheese Salad 18.99
Salmon Salad 18.99
Ahi Tuna Arugula & Fig Salad 19.99
Crab Cake Burger 15.99
Veggie & Cheese Sandwich (Open Face) 13.99
Ale Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich (Open Face) 14.99
Vault Prime Rib Beef Burger 14.99
Hawthorne’s Crispy Chicken Burger 15.99
Chicken & Brie Pest0 Fettuccini 15.99
Ale Braised Beef Short Ribs 18.99
Mixed Seafood Grill with asian BBQ glaze 19.99
Stealhead Salmon with pineapple mango salsa 18.99
Coconut Curry Prawn Penne 16.99
Seafood Penne 17.99
 Ahi Tuna 23.99

– all prices are subject to sales tax –

– menu items and prices may change without notice due to availability, please note not all ingredients are listed online, please inform server of any allergies –

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